Stump Removal Bay of Plenty & Waikato

We understand that stumps can be more than just obstacles – they can hinder the aesthetics of your landscape and make routine maintenance a hassle. Whether you wish to remove a stump in conjunction with your tree removal or simply remove stumps to tidy your garden and make mowing easier, we have the equipment and expertise to help.

Our stump removal services

Integrated Stump Removal

When you opt for tree removal, don't let leftover stumps disrupt the harmony of your landscape. We seamlessly integrate stump removal into our tree removal process, ensuring a thorough and cohesive transformation of your outdoor area.

Stump Grinding

Our stump grinding services are designed to simplify your gardening endeavours. We understand that mowing around stumps can be cumbersome. By removing these obstacles, we make routine lawn maintenance a breeze, allowing you to fully enjoy your green space.

We operate in Tokoroa, Rotorua and throughout Waikato & Bay of Plenty

No stump too big or too small

Whether you have a single stump or a collection of them, our team is equipped to handle projects of varying sizes. Equipped with cutting-edge stump grinding machinery, we make short work of even the most stubborn stumps.

Need mulch or firewood?

We convert our large amounts of organic material left from felling and pruning into high quality by-products for your home and garden, and we have a constant stock of firewood on hand. Available for delivery in Rotorua and surrounding lake districts.